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SPN Ep 1 (Spoilers)

Well, I first want to say that I did enjoy the new episode.  And I do appreciate getting a Season 6 when only 5 were planned.

Now having said that I remembered as I woke up this morning one concern I had with the episode, which I am pretty sure I am wrong on but it's there and it bugs me.

In the beginning, Dean is poisoned and he is slowly hallucinating.  Sam comes to resuce him.  All of which is good.  I started wondering about the fact if these Djinn feed off the life essence of a person then how come we didn't see them collect anything.  I would imagine vengence is a great motive but why waste good food??

And then that second dosing.  She said a double shot for him which should kill him dead pretty quick.  I'm grateful it didn't but they never really explained how Dean was able to recover so quickly.  The first time he was out for a while.  Even if Sam managed to get there quickly and shoot him with the antidote, it seemed an awfully quick recovery time.  I know SPN isn't entirely keen on explaining every little thing.  Which I don't blame them for but it sometimes leaves Russell T Davies size plot holes that offer too much speculation.

All I'm saying is this better not end up being some Dallas thing and Season 6 is all just one bad hallucination.  That is all I'm saying.  I am sure I am wrong, but I want to throw that out there.  One episode can't truly convey a whole Season's story arch so I will wait and see.

Alright, now that I said my piece, I'm out!

Dopping the hubby off at his mom's so they can fly out tomorrow, so two nights alone! :(  But on the upside I get to meet a relative today for the first time. Yippy!

Have a good one peeps!
~Ari :D

Episode 1, Season 6 (Spoilers)

Well, the good news, we got to watch episode 2 of Clone wars.  Then I went and downloaded the 1st episode for Season 6 of Supernatural.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it.  I think if I were in Dean's position I would be as emotionally torn if not more after the chaos started here. Samuel has got some ulterior motives going on.  Which makes me wonder about the rest of the Campbells. 

But the one thing that leaves the biggest impression for me this time round is: Sam's car.  I mean DAMN!!  I want one.  Looks slick and suped up!Althought yet again the emotional turmoil when Sam turns down the Impala, another stabbed to Dean's already fragile heart.

I do like LIsa.  She is definitely better than most of the saps writers try to put Dean with.  I hope to see more of them again soon.  We know Dean cannot stay out of it forever.  It's already come to find him once and obviously this is only the beginning. 

Looking forward to a good emotional ride this season.  Now I just have to sit through the torture of waiting a week for the next installment.  But if fanfiction has taught me one thing and one thing only it is patience.  So bring on those cliffies!  I can take it!! Mwahahahahahaa!!!!!!

LOL.  Now I'm off to read some ff.  Looking for some good Dean torment. ;)

Later peeps.
~Ari :D

Turning into a long week.

My poor hubby has been working til 7 or later all week.  And this weekend he will be flying up to Philly for a day, so I am missing him already!

The boss has been all week too and the days have been long with him around.  But I can't really complain.  He pays me decent money to sit in an office basically.  It's a job and I'm very thankful to have one right now.

On a good note, after who knows how many years, I am finally starting to figure out the pen tool on Photoshop!!  That stupid feature has been my arch nemesis forever.  I guess in our old age and growing maturity we are finally begining to understand each other and be friends. lol.

I'm hoping that I may be able to start doing some real art soon on the comp since I'm still lacking a medium by hand.  Wish me luck!

Haven't really been in the mood to write or read, but I think that might be because my artistic muse is trying to express itself right now.  Once this phase moves on I am hoping my writing muse will be back.  I still have plenty of plot bunnies in my head that want out!  Do you know what it's like having a nest of fertile plot bunnies in you head?  Believe me you don't want to know!

Anyway, still a bit sleepy.  Konked out last night during the end of Ghost Hunters and have been dragging my feet all day.  (Hence any typos that I missed before posting!)

Tomorrow night, Episode 2 of Clone Wars Season 3 and the premere of Supernatural.  Both at the same time!  What's a fangirl to do?

Well, cath y'all t'morrow!

~Ari :D

Long Day

Well, I didn't make it by midnight but I am posting none-the-less.

Had a long day at work.  I mean I was actually WORKING all day!  Can you believe that?  How dare he make me do work at work?!  Of course it wasn't nearly as bad as my poor hubby.  He didn't get home until 11pm.  :(

Good news, I finally did some of that expression art today when I got home.  Didn't go exactly as I planned but it doesn't matter, as long as I did it.  Then I jumped back on the computer and began playing with layer masks in Photoshop.  I can see now why they are so awesome.  I am going to play with them more tonight after work again.  I may still be incredibly novice but I am happy with the results.  Made me a new avatar again. Yeah.

And now that I am done with that I should try and go to bed.  Wish me luck!  We are night owls!  I am a moon child for many a reason.  Still, sleep is pretty awesome too.  I could do with some good shut eye.

Later y'all!
~Ari :D

Day 7

Can I just say, when you have nails it is a pain in the butt when they break.  I feel like an idjit.  Everytime I try and type I keep missing keys and end up typing funky words.  You have no idea how many corrections I have had to make on these few sentences alone.

Anyway, I made it on today.  We went to church and it was an interesting sermon.  Talked about prayer can be about everything.  And how even when we are lost, god knows where we are and is with us. Which is good because I'm still trying to find my niche in life.  I'm hoping he'll reveal his plans for me soon.

I did end up dying my hair yesterday then had to clean out my shower so it didn't look like someone was murdered in it.  But I like hopw it came out.  A vibrant red on my highlights which is nice.  So I am very happy! :)  Will probaly try and post a picture on Facebook soon.

It has been very breezy today so we opened up the windows.  I love this kind of weather.  It is the kind of weather that makes you feel alive and peaceful at the same time.

I am supposed to be cleaning but I am not very good at that.  Although I am a lot better at it than I used to be.  It's just too nice out to think about cleaning.  Not that I have to be outside, I just like the peace it offers.

Still trying to figure out what to do for halloween.  I know I want to have a party.  I know I want to make costumes.  The problem is theme and what to make?  Kev says Jedi but I want something more challenging.  But he is right.  We should not be spending too much on material and such since we have a number of expenses we will probably need to take care of this month.  So we'll see.

So much I want  to do and so little time.  Not because I never get an opportunity but because I usually let other bad habits get in the way.  Self-disipline is not my forte.  I am working on it but still lacking, a lot.  My mind just keeps moving and I lose interest in stuff too fast.  So difficult to focus.  I want everything at once, so much so that I end up doing nothing at all.  All that time wasted with nothing but more nothiing to show for it. 

We did have a fun time again yesterday hanging out with friends.  I hope to keep doing things llike that.  We have missed the comfort of friends for a long, long time.  It makes sense why these kind of gatherings mean so much to us.  We are needing companionship.  Something we didn't get very often up in Jersey either.  A lack of support system. little growth and exploration.  It's only taken 4 years for us to finally begin to make some frineds and build on those relationships.  We are still in infancy, we just hope they will last.

We are so easily overlooked and forgotten.  Sometimes I wonder if we've made an impression on the world at all.  If we would even be missed if one day we were gone.  I don't want fame.  I don't even care too much about admiration.  All I want is recognition.  A little notice can go a long way.  I want to be more dilligent when commenting to friends here or anywhere.  It is why I always thank people and I know it can become redundant, but I just want them to know how much I appreciate them.  They are special and wonderful and beautiful and just so amazing.  How can you not want to celebrate that? 

So my love to all my wonderful friends!  You are truly amazing people.  Full of talent and thought and so much more than you realize.  Thank you for letting me into your life.  My life is more blessed because you are in it!  I may not be the best at keeping in touch but not a day goes by that I have not thought of you.

Well, I think that is enough for today.  Going to try and clean.  If not I'll try and at least be creative. ;)

~Ari :D

Made it!

Well, I managed to get on here quickly!

Going to make some macaroni salad, dye my hair and then head over to a friends.

Hopefully after tonight we'll have some idea for Halloween.  I'm dying to have a party but they never turn out well. 

Anyway, had a bit of a negative dream last night where I ended up not liking anybody.  Kinda annoying. 

Well, I gotta make this brief as I have things to do.  Will comment more tomrrow.

~Ari :D

Managed a whole week!

Wow, Day 5!  A whole business week.  The challenge will be posting during the weekend.  Especially when we will be going to a friend's house on Saturday and having fun!  I'm really looking forward to hanging out with them.  It's hard finding frineds that you can really be yourself with and I think we have managed to find some here.

Anyway, feeling a lot better today (despite a minor headache) and feeling very creative.  Got new music inspiring me to be more creative.  The usual problem - not sure how to express it.  I really want to make something.  So I think I will be looking at clothes, costumes and quilting.  As long as it is by hand, I should be happy.

I did make a new avatar, which always makes me happy. (Hey Dean, aren't you looking incredibly delicious!)  I will try and make more tonight.  It can be so much fun playing around with good looking men! LOL.

Had a bizarro dream last night involving Ewan McGregor, my sister and BJ's at a party that lead to an interesting relationship with Ewan.  Very weird but positive, if that makes sense.

Thinking of dying my hair again.  We'll see what happens.

Guess I'll sign off for now.  Have a good weekend peeps if I don't make it back on til Monday!

~Ari :D

Habit forming

They say if you do something 8 times in a row it can become a habit.  I am attempting to see if the theory works. 

As for dumping yesterday, it has helped a little.  Gotten stuff out of my head rather than putting so much effort into remembering it all. 

It is amazing how different we all are.  We just got the New Linkin Park CD on Tuesday.  Both my hubby and I enjoy it a lot.  When we were talking about it last night though I realized how different we hear and see things.  For me, the music is inspiring, uplifting, moving.  I enjoy the lyrics too but I prefer to "feel" a song.  My husband on the other hand can tell you which lyrics and segments get him, including instruments and who is singing.  He can also tell you all the names of the songs.  It really is awe inspiring for me on how much he picks up on that I haven't even thought about.  He's so much more technical than me when it comes to music.  If a song moves me I like it.  If it hits a nerve, I can easily skip it.  I also listen to music to suit my moods or if I want to change a mood.  It is an underlying tone to feeling.

Emotion, feeling, heart, soul, balance, peace. Expression, art, music, writing, dancing, building.

Change of Seasons, Change of Emotions, Change of Hope, Change of Self.

"So hold on, the weight of the World, Will give you the strength to go."

Post 2 for the year. ;)

Wow, look at me go, 2 days in a row!  It's a miracle. LOL

Well, I was thinking this morning that it's time for a change.  Not entirely sure what that means but I know it has to do with me, obviously.

They say a tiger can't change it's stripes.  Which is true, but maybe it can dye them a different color or change styles.  A small change can make a big difference.

A fractured mind is what I have.  And I think I'm missing pieces.   Some I have swept under the rug on purpose.

I have been waiting forever to be part of an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical.  And I got my wish with Jesus Christ Superstar, until it became a chore instead of a fun thing to do.  I've been looked over so often that I hoped with the time and effort I had put into the show thus far my efforts would be rewarded.  Instead I am still looked over.  I keep thinking I'm being petty and whiny but just sitting there watching everyone else on stage doing what I want to do and can't is just too painful.  So I dropped.  I hate quitting.  I hate knowing that I have been bested again.  That I let them win.  But when I left yesterday even though it hurt like hell, I felt I made the right decision.

I got some good news though, my parents sold their house and will hopefully be moving closer soon!  We'll see where life takes them now.

But on a sad note, my poor old dog is fading and fading fast.   It doesn't look like he's eating, not since Sunday night.  And he just stands there hanging his head.  It looks like he wants to lie down but to do so would be too difficult so he just stands there.  He'll be 11 next month, I just hope he feels better soon but its been a rough year for him. 

We'll see tonight is school for me is still an option, well with financial aid anyway.  I've messed that up too.  I don't know why I such a problem with school when I love to learn.  It has to be something with responsibility and expectations of me.  I just don't know why I run away screaming when either one comes close to me.  Perhaps somewhere in my messed up mind I fail on purpose so that no one will give them too me.  Oh well.

Anyway, looking forward to getting Prince of Persia and Linkin Park tonight!  Yeah!

Hmm, maybe it shouldn't be a surprise as to why my mind can't focus when so much is going on in life.  But life isn't exactly something that ever slows down, so perhaps that's just wishful thinking.

Well, we'll see if I make it back here tomorrow.  If not, see ya next year!

~Ari :D

My post for the year

Wow, I'm not very good at keeping a journal.  My thoughts are too scattered and I should really stop trying to be something I'm not.

Let's see.  My last post I mentioned losing my job.  Good news is that I got another earlier this year and then lost that one.  Then I watched Supernatural and became totally obsessed, again.  Shortly after that I got another job, which I have been at since June. 

My muse still sucks. 

I can't focus on anything long enough to work past a problem, let alone remember what I need to.

Someday, I'll get my act together, then probably die. 

I keep talking about direction.  Finding direction, looking for direction, waiting for direction.  The bum is I still don't have an answer.  I doubt I ever will. 

So I think it is time to let go of direction and just do.  Not exactly sure what that means.  Guess I'll find out. 

Well, I guess that's it for now.  See y'all later.

~Ari :D