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Day 7

Can I just say, when you have nails it is a pain in the butt when they break.  I feel like an idjit.  Everytime I try and type I keep missing keys and end up typing funky words.  You have no idea how many corrections I have had to make on these few sentences alone.

Anyway, I made it on today.  We went to church and it was an interesting sermon.  Talked about prayer can be about everything.  And how even when we are lost, god knows where we are and is with us. Which is good because I'm still trying to find my niche in life.  I'm hoping he'll reveal his plans for me soon.

I did end up dying my hair yesterday then had to clean out my shower so it didn't look like someone was murdered in it.  But I like hopw it came out.  A vibrant red on my highlights which is nice.  So I am very happy! :)  Will probaly try and post a picture on Facebook soon.

It has been very breezy today so we opened up the windows.  I love this kind of weather.  It is the kind of weather that makes you feel alive and peaceful at the same time.

I am supposed to be cleaning but I am not very good at that.  Although I am a lot better at it than I used to be.  It's just too nice out to think about cleaning.  Not that I have to be outside, I just like the peace it offers.

Still trying to figure out what to do for halloween.  I know I want to have a party.  I know I want to make costumes.  The problem is theme and what to make?  Kev says Jedi but I want something more challenging.  But he is right.  We should not be spending too much on material and such since we have a number of expenses we will probably need to take care of this month.  So we'll see.

So much I want  to do and so little time.  Not because I never get an opportunity but because I usually let other bad habits get in the way.  Self-disipline is not my forte.  I am working on it but still lacking, a lot.  My mind just keeps moving and I lose interest in stuff too fast.  So difficult to focus.  I want everything at once, so much so that I end up doing nothing at all.  All that time wasted with nothing but more nothiing to show for it. 

We did have a fun time again yesterday hanging out with friends.  I hope to keep doing things llike that.  We have missed the comfort of friends for a long, long time.  It makes sense why these kind of gatherings mean so much to us.  We are needing companionship.  Something we didn't get very often up in Jersey either.  A lack of support system. little growth and exploration.  It's only taken 4 years for us to finally begin to make some frineds and build on those relationships.  We are still in infancy, we just hope they will last.

We are so easily overlooked and forgotten.  Sometimes I wonder if we've made an impression on the world at all.  If we would even be missed if one day we were gone.  I don't want fame.  I don't even care too much about admiration.  All I want is recognition.  A little notice can go a long way.  I want to be more dilligent when commenting to friends here or anywhere.  It is why I always thank people and I know it can become redundant, but I just want them to know how much I appreciate them.  They are special and wonderful and beautiful and just so amazing.  How can you not want to celebrate that? 

So my love to all my wonderful friends!  You are truly amazing people.  Full of talent and thought and so much more than you realize.  Thank you for letting me into your life.  My life is more blessed because you are in it!  I may not be the best at keeping in touch but not a day goes by that I have not thought of you.

Well, I think that is enough for today.  Going to try and clean.  If not I'll try and at least be creative. ;)

~Ari :D

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