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Episode 1, Season 6 (Spoilers)

Well, the good news, we got to watch episode 2 of Clone wars.  Then I went and downloaded the 1st episode for Season 6 of Supernatural.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it.  I think if I were in Dean's position I would be as emotionally torn if not more after the chaos started here. Samuel has got some ulterior motives going on.  Which makes me wonder about the rest of the Campbells. 

But the one thing that leaves the biggest impression for me this time round is: Sam's car.  I mean DAMN!!  I want one.  Looks slick and suped up!Althought yet again the emotional turmoil when Sam turns down the Impala, another stabbed to Dean's already fragile heart.

I do like LIsa.  She is definitely better than most of the saps writers try to put Dean with.  I hope to see more of them again soon.  We know Dean cannot stay out of it forever.  It's already come to find him once and obviously this is only the beginning. 

Looking forward to a good emotional ride this season.  Now I just have to sit through the torture of waiting a week for the next installment.  But if fanfiction has taught me one thing and one thing only it is patience.  So bring on those cliffies!  I can take it!! Mwahahahahahaa!!!!!!

LOL.  Now I'm off to read some ff.  Looking for some good Dean torment. ;)

Later peeps.
~Ari :D


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Sep. 25th, 2010 12:56 pm (UTC)
I totally enjoyed the premiere. Totally. There was so much to love. It's the first page in a new chapter and this episode is a set up for what's to come. Jensen as Dean looked wonderful. My, but that man is handsome. I'm a little worried about Sam but I have faith that it really IS Sam.

I'm looking forward to this season and what the writers have planned. I'm of the mind that we're so lucky that we got a Season 6 that I'm just going to be determined to enjoy it. No matter what.

We're off to a good start as far as I'm concerned!

Sep. 25th, 2010 02:41 pm (UTC)
I agree it was a great ride. Just sitting back and watching all that awesome emotional torment was fantastic!

And oh yeah is Jensen fricking hot!!! Even his cousin thought so! LOL Loved the whole phone number thing.

Now are you referring to Sam or Samuel? Or both? I mean what could possibly link those two together other than name?

I agree, I'm so along for the ride. I want to see what exactly the writers have planned for our boys. But the writer's side of my brain always tries to work things out when questions present themselves.

So can't wait for more! Now how do we make Friday's come faster? ;)

~Ari :D
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