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SPN Ep 1 (Spoilers)

Well, I first want to say that I did enjoy the new episode.  And I do appreciate getting a Season 6 when only 5 were planned.

Now having said that I remembered as I woke up this morning one concern I had with the episode, which I am pretty sure I am wrong on but it's there and it bugs me.

In the beginning, Dean is poisoned and he is slowly hallucinating.  Sam comes to resuce him.  All of which is good.  I started wondering about the fact if these Djinn feed off the life essence of a person then how come we didn't see them collect anything.  I would imagine vengence is a great motive but why waste good food??

And then that second dosing.  She said a double shot for him which should kill him dead pretty quick.  I'm grateful it didn't but they never really explained how Dean was able to recover so quickly.  The first time he was out for a while.  Even if Sam managed to get there quickly and shoot him with the antidote, it seemed an awfully quick recovery time.  I know SPN isn't entirely keen on explaining every little thing.  Which I don't blame them for but it sometimes leaves Russell T Davies size plot holes that offer too much speculation.

All I'm saying is this better not end up being some Dallas thing and Season 6 is all just one bad hallucination.  That is all I'm saying.  I am sure I am wrong, but I want to throw that out there.  One episode can't truly convey a whole Season's story arch so I will wait and see.

Alright, now that I said my piece, I'm out!

Dopping the hubby off at his mom's so they can fly out tomorrow, so two nights alone! :(  But on the upside I get to meet a relative today for the first time. Yippy!

Have a good one peeps!
~Ari :D


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