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Habit forming

They say if you do something 8 times in a row it can become a habit.  I am attempting to see if the theory works. 

As for dumping yesterday, it has helped a little.  Gotten stuff out of my head rather than putting so much effort into remembering it all. 

It is amazing how different we all are.  We just got the New Linkin Park CD on Tuesday.  Both my hubby and I enjoy it a lot.  When we were talking about it last night though I realized how different we hear and see things.  For me, the music is inspiring, uplifting, moving.  I enjoy the lyrics too but I prefer to "feel" a song.  My husband on the other hand can tell you which lyrics and segments get him, including instruments and who is singing.  He can also tell you all the names of the songs.  It really is awe inspiring for me on how much he picks up on that I haven't even thought about.  He's so much more technical than me when it comes to music.  If a song moves me I like it.  If it hits a nerve, I can easily skip it.  I also listen to music to suit my moods or if I want to change a mood.  It is an underlying tone to feeling.

Emotion, feeling, heart, soul, balance, peace. Expression, art, music, writing, dancing, building.

Change of Seasons, Change of Emotions, Change of Hope, Change of Self.

"So hold on, the weight of the World, Will give you the strength to go."


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Sep. 18th, 2010 04:22 am (UTC)
One of the great things about music is how it can be interpreted in such different ways, even by the same person. I think that's why it helps people do creative things.
Sep. 18th, 2010 03:14 pm (UTC)
I agree. Songs can really hit you differently at different times. It is awesome!

So nice to hear from you too! Miss you!

~Ari :D
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